This website offers a range of tools and options. You can pick and choose which to use or follow the suggested order below to receive the maximum benefit.

Complete a travel audit
By completing a quick Travel Devon Audit(s) you will receive a rating of how well your business supports travel options with gold, silver and bronze awards available.
Receive your bespoke audit report
Following completion of the audit you will receive an audit report. It is a free, bespoke, downloadable report which summarises your site and travel related activities. It includes signposts to support and practical advice on improving and promoting travel options.
Run our online staff survey
The survey facility is simple and ready to use. All you need to do is circulate the online survey link to your staff. It will enable you to find out how staff travel, where from and what prevents them from traveling more sustainably.
Receive your bespoke survey report
Following completion of the survey an automated, bespoke report is available which includes graphs, charts, statistics, maps, and information to help you understand how your staff travel to work.
Use our sustainable travel toolkits
The toolkits offer step by step practical advice and ready to use templates on how to improve and promote sustainable travel options. The toolkits cater for a range of users with information on quick and easy wins as well as detailed guidance on technical subjects such as the Cycle to Work scheme and car park management.
Audit Travel toolkit



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