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Promoting eco-driving

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This toolkit is designed to show you how eco-driving can save your business and staff money, as well as making them safer drivers. 

Why promote eco-driving to staff?

Eco-driving can save your business and staff money, while also making them safer drivers. Eco-driving techniques can reduce fuel consumptionWhen 50 AA employees took part in an eco-driving experiment they saved on average 10% on their weekly fuel bills, with the best achieving a 33% reduction. 

If you use hire cars or pool cars, this could save your company money on fuel costs. 

Red One eco-driver training

Red One are the commercial training arm of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service and provide both eco and fleet driver training.  

Their eco-driving course takes 3 hours and aims to develop economic and safe driving styles to help reduce fuel usage and ultimately running costs.  

The fleet driver course includes training on reducing the environmental and financial impact of driving, along with other fleet specific training.  

Promoting eco-driving at your workplace

There are a lot of easy but effective ways to decrease fuel usage when driving, many of which will also increase your safety. If your staff make journeys on company business, this can help lower the cost of their journeys, lower car maintenance costs, and improve their safety on the job, but every staff member who drives to work can also benefit. Some eco-driving ideas include: 

  • Checking tyre pressures regularly – under inflated tyres negatively impact fuel consumption 
  • Staying within the speed limits – It uses up to 9% more fuel to drive at 70mph compared to driving at 60mph 
  • Anticipate the road ahead – Heavy braking and strong acceleration can both negatively impact fuel usage 
  • Taking out unnecessary weight – roof boxes and heavy items that aren’t being used will increase fuel usage
  • Going into the suggested gear in newer cars increases fuel efficiency 

More tips on driving economically can be found on the AA website.

You can also share and watch our free 20 min eco-driving video. This film includes information and guidance on smooth gear changing, braking and acceleration, anticipation of road hazards and awareness of other road users’ behaviour. The Devon Driver’s Centre mentioned in the video is the site now run by Red One, mentioned above. 

These techniques can be promoted to employees in many ways, including through staff newsletters/blog posts, on posters around the office, or even in email footers.  

You can also use national events, such as Road Safety Week run by Brake to promote safe and environmentally friendly driving to your staff. Information and resources can be found at  

Further information and support

Want to encourage smarter travel to work at your workplace? Devon County Council can offer support* to organisations who want to enable their staff to travel more sustainably and actively. Please get in touch via for more information.

*Support offered will depend on availability of funding and engagement and commitment of your workplace.



This page was last updated February 2023.