Start your workplace journey to active travel

In our first blog, we shared with you how active travel can benefit your business and staff and how your business can be involved in our #ActiveTravel resolution campaign and set a positive example for other businesses in Devon.

Making small changes now can have wider benefits in the future so read on to find out how you can start supporting your staff to travel more actively.

Active Travel: How and where to start?

Even small changes to parts of your workforce’s daily commute can have a large collective impact. Which changes to make will depend on the situation of your organisation, where your staff are traveling from and their personal circumstances.

That’s why we recommend registering on our Travel Devon Toolkit website and following the three easy steps below to help you identify quick wins and the changes that will have the biggest impact for your workplace.

Sign up on the Travel Devon Toolkit now!


Step 1: Audit

Our travel audit on the Travel Devon Toolkit guides you through a selection of measures, ranging from policies and facilities to events. This list was carefully compiled by drawing from best practices from business across Devon, as well as National Government guidance. These measures can enable businesses to achieve a platinum standard in supporting staff to travel more actively and sustainably.

After submitting your audit, simply download a report providing you with insight into how well your workplace is currently supporting active travel and other sustainable modes, along with advice on how you could improve.

Step 2: Survey

Find out how your staff currently travel (or how they would once back in the office) and what could help them make smarter travel choices with our ready to use travel survey. Simply create a survey on the Travel Devon Toolkit and get a link to share with your staff.

After you close the survey, you can simply download a report with fully analysed results of both current travel habits and your scope for change.

Step 3: Action

Use the information from your audit and survey, as well as the resources on the Travel Devon Toolkit, to develop an effective travel plan for your organisation. This plan will be the foundation for unlocking the benefits of active travel and other sustainable modes for your workplace.

To help you get started on your travel plan, we have created the Travel Plan – Template & guidance toolkit.

When creating your travel plan and following our toolkits, please also refer to the most up to date government guidance for safer travel and the working safely during coronavirus guidelines for your industry sector.

Sign up on the Travel Devon Toolkit now!


Further support and information

The Travel Devon Toolkit is full of practical information and toolkits to help encourage sustainable and active travel. Whether that’s more of your colleagues cycling to work, using public transport for part of their journey, or understanding how better driving practices can positively impact our environment, there are plenty of resources available. So have a browse!

Please see our Business User Guide for guidance on how to use and navigate the Travel Devon Toolkit website.

For more information or with any questions, please get in touch with us at

For general information on how to get around in Devon, please visit our Travel Devon website.


Visit the Devon County Council website for coronavirus advice in Devon. Please also refer to the government guidance for safer travel.