Audit your cycling support at work

Encouraging and enabling cycling to and for work has got clear benefits for your staff and your business, as well as our communities across Devon

How well are you supporting your staff to make the change to two wheels? And how could you improve the support offered to staff, to help them take up cycling?

Read on to find out how our Travel Audit can help you gain insight into your current cycling support, identify quick wins and longer-term measures to enable more of your staff to cycle to and for work.

Step 1: Register on the Travel Devon Toolkit

The Travel Devon Toolkit is full of practical tips and tools to help encourage sustainable and active travel at your workplace. Simply register your organisation to gain access to our Travel Audit, Cycling toolkits and more.

Register here on the Travel Devon Toolkit now.

Step 2: Complete a Travel Audit

Our Travel Audit is the first step in making your business an industry leader in green and sustainable travel. The audit gives you an idea of how well your business currently supports sustainable and active travel by giving your site a score of bronze, silver, gold or platinum rating based on your answers.

After submitting your audit, a report is automatically generated for you and provides a clear direction on areas to improve, with links to further tips and guidance.

Follow the steps below to complete a travel audit for your site:

  1. Login to the Travel Devon Toolkit and head over to your business dashboard
  2. Under ‘Audits’, select ‘Start Audit’
  3. Select the site you would like to complete an audit for from the dropdown list*.
  4. Select ‘Travel Audit’ from the dropdown list
  5. Click the blue ‘Start Audit’ button: You will now be taken through the audit which comprises of five sections. For each section, answer all the questions by clicking the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option.
  6. After completing all sections, click ‘Complete audit’ to submit all your answers

* Your headquarters is registered by default. If you wish to complete an audit for a different site, please see our Business User Guide, section 3.1 on how to add sites to your business account.

Step 3: Review your travel audit results

Once you have submitted the audit, you will be taken to the Travel Audit Report page, giving you immediate access to your results.

The report will state whether your business scored Bronze, Silver, Gold or even Platinum.

By scrolling down the webpage, you can view your businesses audit results and read any tips on areas to improve by following the provided links to relevant toolkits and other resources.

Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of your report by clicking the ‘PDF download’ button.

Lady locking her bike to a bike stand

TIP: Short on time? Browse our ‘Making your business cycle friendly’ toolkit.

Further information

Whether you’re looking to get more colleagues cycling to work, using public transport for part of their journey, or understanding how better driving practices can positively impact our environment, there are plenty of resources available. So have a browse!

For more guidance on how to use our Travel Devon Toolkit, Travel Audit or Travel Survey tools, please read our Business User Guide.

TIP: Did you know your staff can access cycle training to boost their confidence cycling on roads and to work for FREE? Visit to find out more

With any questions about the Travel Devon Toolkit or encouraging cycling to and for work, please contact