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Staff induction packs

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Why include travel information in staff induction packs

Including sustainable travel information in your staff induction packs is a great way to promote different travel options from the start.

To encourage new staff to travel by sustainable modes, information regarding the different modes should be provided to them before employment commences. This will allow staff to make informed decisions about their commute to work with the relevant travel information before they get used to driving to work every day.

Travel information pack checklist

Below is a checklist of recommended information to develop your own travel information for staff induction packs:

  1. Walking and cycling: Include details of nearby routes, cycle parking, lockers, showers, drying rooms, cycle to work scheme, cycle training opportunities, bicycle user groups, pool bikes and buddy schemes. Also including information on how the health benefits can encourage people to consider walking and cycling for or as part of their commute. See our Walking and Cycling toolkits.
  2. Public transport: Include information on bus and train times, services and availability. It would also be useful to include a map of the bus stops/stations and train stations within walking and cycling distance of your workplace. You can also include useful websites for route planning and websites of public transport providers. Please see our Promoting public transport toolkit for more information.
  3. Car sharing: Include a link to the Carshare Devon website, or if you have your own group,  include the name of your car share group. Also include the number of car share spaces available if you have some reserved. Information on the cost savings and social benefits of car sharing can encourage staff to try this mode of travel. For more tips, please see our Implementing car sharing toolkit.
  4. Motorcycling: Include information on parking, lockers, showers and drying rooms.
  5. Driving: Include details of your car parking system, electric vehicle charging ports, eco-driving, car free days and car park charging schemes.
  6. Other useful information to include:
    • If your organisation has a travel plan, it is useful to outline the key aspects to staff
    • Include details of teleconferencing, videoconferencing or flexible working opportunities if these are appropriate
    • Include details of any Health & Safety guidance relating to business travel
    • Business mileage rates for car and bicycle and travel expense claims
    • Contact details for further information

Further information and support

Want to encourage smarter travel to work at your workplace? Devon County Council can offer support* to organisations who want to enable their staff to travel more sustainably and actively. Please get in touch via for more information.

*Support offered will depend on availability of funding and engagement and commitment of your workplace.



This page was last updated February 2023.