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Encouraging a more active workforce through workplace travel contributes to better physical and mental health of your employees. This means less sick leave and higher productivity, as well as lowering direct overheads such as mileage costs and parking space costs.

Use the toolkits below to help your staff, customers and visitors to make positive, beneficial changes to their lives and your business by supporting and encouraging them to cycle.

Further support and information

Please visit the Travel Devon website to access additional information and resources to support individuals to cycle, such as like e.g.:

TIP: You can report issues like potholes, faulty street lights, overgrown vegetation etc. on the Devon County Council Report a problem portal.



This page was last updated February 2023.

Promoting cycling

Tips on how to promote cycling at your workplace

Cycle parking design guidance

PDF - 0.34 MB

Pool bikes

Guidance and tips on how to set up a pool bike scheme

The business case for encouraging cycling

Making your business cycle friendly

Guidance and tips on how to make your business cycle friendly