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The information below provides commuters with motorcycling information and information about Devon Wheels 2 Work. 

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking at your business should be well signposted at the entrance to car parks and positioned in a well-lit area. Placing motorcycle parking close to the site entrance of your site, where the car park is usually busier, or placing CCTV nearby to the chosen parking location, can reduce instances of vandalism. They should also be placed away from trees to avoid damage from falling objects, and if possible, a motorbike parking shelter should be erected to protect them from the elements. 

Anchor points allow easy locking to the ground or walls using bike chains. You should refer to the manufacturers installation guidelines for more details regarding fitting. These points should be away from footpaths, other car parking spaces, drainage channels and other obstacles to allow easy manoeuvring when parking and leaving, as well as being spaced apart enough to allow easy access to parked motorcycles.  

At your site you should consider offering secure storage for riding equipment such as helmets and gloves, as well as an area to allow motorcyclists to change out of their riding gear.  

Devon Wheels 2 Work

Devon Wheels 2 Work is a not-for-profit company who offer 2 wheeled transport at subsidised rates to people in rural communities in Devon. They offer affordable scooter transport for people commuting in Devon, as well as covering road tax, insurance, maintenance and MOT costs.   

To apply for a bike through Devon Wheels 2 Work, an individual must provide proof of employment. 

Find out more on the Devon Wheels 2 Work website 

Commuter biking information

Offering advice to staff who travel on motorcycle can help keep them safe both at and away from work.


One of the best ways you can promote motorcycle safety is by taking part in Road Safety Week run by Brake.  

Brake is a road safety charity and offer a comprehensive list of advice for motorcycle users this information could be shared with staff 

This includes:  

  • safety gear advice 
  • tips on safer riding 
  • maintenance  
  • advanced training courses.  

Find out more on the Brake website 


If your staff use a motorcycle as part of their job, you could sign them up for a BikeSafe workshop. 

BikeSafe is a national police run motorcycle initiative which Devon and Cornwall Police take part in. BikeSafe workshops are aimed at raising awareness of the value and importance of post-test training. You can find out more about the workshops offered in Devon, as well as sign up for a session, at .

Report a problem 

Devon County Council’s “Report a problem” online facility is a simple way to report road problems. Motorcycles and scooters are more susceptible to defective road surfaces, so providing an easy to access link to this site for motorcycle users can help them report concernsYou can use the Devon County Council “Report a problem” online facility at 

Have any questions? Email us at 



This page was last updated February 2023.


To download and print the information above, please view this toolkit.